PL2000H high power EDFA is characterized by low noise and high linearity performance to meet the most demanding requirements of CATV and FTTx applications. It offers a flexible, low-cost solution for large area distribution networks.

Touch Screen LCD
PL2000H high power EDFA is the First Unit to embed touchscreen LCD in CATV industry.

Output Optical Power
PL2000H high power EDFA has standard series that is based on the optical power included 25~40dBm before splitter. It is available to make special modifications to a specified output power up to 43dBm before splitter. This optical amplifier has built-in optical power splitter for providing up to 128 output ports. Standard is at 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 output power port.

Control Modes
PL2000H can be configured in one of three optical output power control modes:
 APC (Automatic Power Control): Output Optical Power Level Stabilization
 ACC (Automatic Current Control): Pump Current Level Stabilization
 AGC (Automatic Gain Control): Optical Gain Level Stabilization Measurement

PL2000H is equipped with standard measures of input and back reflection optical power in a dynamic range. Measurement of reverse reflection is useful function to monitor networks and to configure optimal settings exploitation.

Optical Switch (Optional)
PL2000H can be equipped with automatic redundant input port according to customer request. Optical power level at each of the two input ports is measured independently, allowing you to instantly switch from the primary input port to the backup input port when the power on signal.

All PL2000H series optical amplifiers have a built-in Web server, which can be reviewed by any of the widely used web browser. Controlling and monitoring of the amplifier is used by the menu of interactive Web pages. On-demand monitoring of the amplifier can also be accessed by our SNMP Manager. Mechanical All 2000 series amplifiers are in a standard 2U (1U and 3U), 19 ", equipped with 3 reliable cooling fans operating in parallel with microprocessor overheating protection. The Amplifier is capable of working with temperature up to 50°c, and, if necessary, up to 60°c is optional. Standard power operates on AC 90~264V with high efficiency and high reliability.