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rf overlay on pon

RF Overlay on xPON

xPON RF Overlay, As telcos turn to triple-play services (video, voice and high-speed internet access) to reduce churn and increase revenue, they need to find a way of delivering TV and video to the end-user as cost-effectively as possible. Each of the major point-to multi point PON variants – BPON, GPON and EPON – offers TV/video service: RF (radio frequency) overlay with Premlink PON EDFA. In a point-to-multipoint PON architecture, one wavelength frequency is assigned for downstream data and telephony (1490 nm) and another is assigned for upstream data (1310 nm). With the RF overlay approach, through the use of wave-division multiplexing (WDM)……

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PL150D-3 GPON FTTH Optical Receiver

PL150D-1 FTTH Optical Receiver ( FTTH Mini Node ) is compacted in size and has very low input power for digital tv networks .PL150D-3 PON FTTH optical receiver is designed for EPON/GPON pass though with 1310nm/1490nm wavelength, PL150D-5 is for both GPON and 10GPON application with 1270nm/1577nm pass through.


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PL2000B High Power EDFA (2U, PON, Cost-effective)

PL2000B series EDFA PON Combiner, designed for delivering very low noise and high linearity, is the ideal fit for even the most demanding distribution networks, taking your CATV and FTTx networks to new heights.

Key Features
-5~+10dBm Optical Input Power Range
Adjustable Output Power : -10~+0.5dBm
Monitoring Alarms Threshold Setting
Firmware Upgrading and SNMPv2 & WEB Management

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