CATV Optical Transmitter

CATV optical transmitter is a key important device to build an optical transmission network. It is mainly used to transmit analog TV signal video, digital TV signal and data signal. 
PL1550 series operates with 1550nm wavelenght, and PL1310 series operates with 1310nm wavelength. Both of optical transmitters adapt high performance & low noise DFB laser. Those DFB lasers are imported from  ORTEL(EMCORE) or AOI brand. Our transmitter has AGC/MGC with OMI adjustable function. Moreover, It also has SNMP and hot-plugin power supply modules.
PL1550 and PL1310 is widely used in long-distance optical fiber transmission of television TV signal. Imported high-performance DFB laser as light source  and RF power automatic processing technology guarantees excellent performance. Therefore, All its perfect features make it the first choice for large-scale HFC network.