PL2000H High Power EDFA (1U, PON)

PL2000H high power EDFA is a new generation EYDFA that is the First Unit to embed touchscreen LCD in CATV industry. It has unique back reflection function for 1550nm WDM EDFA.
This type model is 1U rack mount, 1550nm wavelength input, available for upto 64ports PON Pass through.

Key Features
-10~+10dBm Optical Input Power Range
Adjustable Output Power : -10~+0.5dBm
Monitoring Alarms Threshold Setting
Firmware Upgrading and SNMPv2 & WEB Management

More Features



Optical Characteristics
Parameter Unit Value
Optical Input Wavelength nm 1545 ~ 1565
Optical Input Power dBm -10~+10
Output Optical Power dBm See Ordering Information
Typical Output Power dBm ≥ 18
Output Power Stabilization Range % 30 ~100
Port Numbers -- See Ordering Information
Output Power Tolerance dB ± 0.5
Port Uniformity dB ± 0.6
Noise Figure dB ≤ 5.5
Optical Test Port dB -5~+5
Return Loss Input/Output dB ≥ 45
Isolation Output ► Input dB ≥ 40
Polarization Dependence dB ≤ 0.3

1.Noise figure at 0 dBm input power, nominal output power and signal wavelength 1550 nm.

General Characteristics
Parameter Unit Value
Power Supply pcs 2 (1 default, 1 optional)
Chassis Type -- 1U, 2U, 3U 19’’ Rack Mounted
AC Input Voltage Vac 90~132 or 176~264
DC Input Voltage Vdc 36~ 72
Power Consumption W ≤75
Dimension (W x H x D) mm 484 x 44 x 435 (1U)
mm 484 x 88 x 380 (2U)
Operating Temperature Range °C -5~+50


PON Characteristics 
Parameter Unit Value
PON Wavelengths nm 1260~1360 & 1480~1500
Insertion Loss dB ≤ 1
Isolation CATV ► PON dB 50 @ 1545~1565 nm
Isolation COM ► PON dB 15 @ 1545~1565 nm
Return Loss dB ≥ 50


Management Interface
Parameter Value
Data Link Layer Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (and LLDP optional)
Network Layer IPv4, ICMP
Transport Layer UDP, TCP
Application Layer SNMPv1/v2c, DHCP, Web
Connectors 10/100 Base-T
Front Panel Management

3.5” 480 x 320 Color Touch Screen LCD for 2U and 3U

2.4” 320 x 240 Color Touch Screen LCD for 1U


Control Mode
Parameter Value
Stabilization Mode Pump Current
Output Optical Power
Optical Gain
Automatic Pump Shutdown Mode Low Input Power (LOS)
High Back Reflection


Our PON CATV WDM EDFA Combiner, has three optical output power control modes:

  • APC (Automatic Power Control): Output Optical Power Level Stabilization
  • ACC (Automatic Current Control): Pump Current Level Stabilization
  • AGC (AutomaticGain Control): Optical Gain Level Stabilization