What is APC mode of PL2000H CATV EDFA Amplifier? Easily Operated

APC mode is easily operated in PL2000H CATV EDFA Amplifier

APC is Automatic Power Control, which is for Output Optical Power Level Stabilization.

Tap “APC” button to enter APC mode. APC mode is system default control mode. APC (Automatic Power Control) is established and maintained by the output power regardless of the changes of the input signal and temperature.

PL2000H CATV EDFA Amplifier automatically adjusts the current laser diode pumping to ensure stabilization of the desired output power that measured by an internal sensor.

Output power value is appeared at the top of menu as shows its value. Set the desired value by using the touch keyboard to input and then to save, the LCD display as below:


System default mode is APC mode that is easy to operate for basic user. Click “Port Output Power” to set new output power value.

Please note: The new value is adjustable according to customer’s request.

For example, when customer ordered a 16×19 high power EDFA (16 ports with 19dBm per port).

The new value of output power is in 30%~100% range of 19dBm. However, PL2000H CATV EDFA Amplifier is not available when new value is higher than 19dBm.

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