PL200A-3 FTTH Optical Receiver (PON Pass)

PL200A-3 ftth pon optical receiver adopts high performance,and also has high effective o-e converter tube. In addition, PL200A-3 is equipped with low-noise MMIC Amplifier IC. Our optical receiver is in compacted size, also suitable for FTTH, FTTB networks upgrade.

Compacted in size
High performance receiver tube
AGC function
Optical indicator display
Excellent switching power supply



Optical Characteristics    
Parameter Unit Value
Wavelength  (Model:PL200A-1) nm 1100-1650
Wavelength  (Model:PL200A-2,PL200A-3) nm 1550±10
PON Pass-through Wavelength (Model:PL200A-3) nm 1310nm/1490nm
Optical Isolation - Reflect (Model:PL200A-3) dB 40 @1310/1490nm
Optical Isolation - Pass(Model:PL200-3) dB 25 @1550nm
Input Level Range (PIN) dBm -10~ -3 or -7~0
AGC Range dBm -10~ -3 or -7~0
Optical Return Loss dB ≥45
Connector Type -- FC/APC or SC/APC
RF Characteristics    
Frequency Range MHz 47~862/1002
Gain Characteristic Flatness dB ±0.75
Output Level dBμV 80±1 or 85±1 or 90±1
CTB1 dB ≥63
CSO1 dB ≥63
C/N1 dB ≥50
1.Testing condition: OMI=3.5%,optical input power @-1dBm, 98chs signal output, above 550MHz at -10dB offset.
Operating Voltage (External Power Supply) VDC 9 or 12
Weight without Power Supply kg 0.18
Power Consumption W <2.5
Output Connector -- F
Operating Temperature -20…+50
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 138*100*27.5

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