PL1550 1550nm Optical Transmitter

PL1550 1550nm optical transmitter adapts ORTEL high performance, low noise DFB laser with AAGC / MGC and OMI adjustable function, it has plug-in power supply module. In addtion, all transmitter equip with WEB & SNMP management function.

PL1550 1550nm optical transmitter is used for long-distance optical fiber transmission of television TV signal, adapts imported high-performance DFB laser as light source with RF power automatic processing technology to guarantee excellent machine performance. All its perfect features make it the first choice for large-scale HFC network.


Optical Characteristics

Parameter Unit Value
Working Wavelength nm 1550±10
Output Power mW 6~12
Optical Return Loss dB ≥45
Optical Fiber Type -- SM
Optical Connector -- SC/APC or FC/APC

RF Characteristics

Parameter Unit Value
Frequency Range MHz 45~870/1002
RF Input Return Loss dBm ≥16
RF Input Level dBμV 78±5 (AGC)
Flatness dB ±0.75
CNR1 dB >50
CSO1 dBC ≤-60
CTB1 dBC ≤-65
  1. Testing condition: OMI=3.5%,optical input power @-1dBm, 98chs signal output, above 550MHz at -10dB offset.


Parameter Unit Value
Operating Voltage V 90~260, 50Hz
Power Consumption W ≤30
Operating Temperature 0~50
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 484*370*44
Weight Kg <3.5

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