PL150D-1 FTTH Optical Receiver

PL150D-1 FTTH Optical Receiver ( FTTH Mini Node ) is compacted in size and has very low input power for digital tv networks .

AGC Function
All GaAs MMIC Design
Adjustable ATT and EQ,Fixed ATT and EQ Available
LED Display Inside and Outside


PL150D-1 FTTH optical receiver ( FTTH Mini Node) is a low cost unit, and designed for FTTH networks and applications. 

Optical Characteristics

Parameter Unit Value
Working Wavelength  nm 1100~1600
Optical Input Power dBm -20~+2
AGC Range dBm -15~-5 or -10~0
Optical Return Loss dB ≥45
Optical Fiber Type -- SM
Connector Type -- FC/APC or SC/APC

RF Characteristics

Parameter Unit Value
Frequency Range MHz 47~1002
Flatness dB ±0.75
Output Impedance Ω 75
RF Return Loss dB ≥16
RF Output Stability in AGC Range dB ±1.0
RF Output Level dBμV 76±1
Output Ports -- 1
CTB dBc 60
CSO dBc 60
C/N dBc 51

1.Testing condition: OMI=3.5%,optical input power @-1dBm, 98chs signal output, above 550MHz at -10dB offset.


Parameter Unit Value
Operating Voltage (External Power Supply) VDC 5
Weight without Power Supply kg 0.1
Power Consumption W 1.8
Output Connector -- F
Operating Temperature 0~+40
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 80*50*25

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