PL10-4A RFoG ONU 1218MHz with xPON Port

PL10-4A rfog mini node ( can set as OBI Free RFoG Node) is the ideal platform for use in FTTH and FTTB networks. It can deliver upstream and downstream DOCSIS, voice, video and high speed data service over FTTX applications.

Key Features
AGC Function
Burst Mode Operation
Fllow up SCTE 174 2010
-20dB Testing Port
12VDC Power Adapter


Forward Path

Parameter Unit Value Condition
Optical Wavelength nm 1540~1560 CWDM available
PON Pass Wavelength nm 1280~1500  
PON Pass Port Loss dB 1  
PON Optical Isolation dB > 30  
Monitor Voltage V/mW 1 λ=1550nm
Optical Input Power dBm -6~+2 AGC Range
*Frequency Range MHz 54~1002/1218 *42/54,65/86,85/105MHz available
Flatness dB ±0.75  
*Slope dB 5±1 3±1 available
Output Return Loss dB ≥16  
Optical Output Return Loss dB >45  
*Output Level dBmV 18±2 36±2 1.(Pin=-1dBm,4% OMI/ch, 79ch NTSC,Digital ch above 550MHz
at -6dB offset)2.(Pin=-1dBm,4% OMI/ch, 42ch CENELEC)
dBuV 77±2 96±2
*C/N dB 51
*CTB dB ≤-65
*CSO dB ≤-60
Equivalent Noise Input pA/Hz <7  

Return Path

Parameter Unit Value Condition
Wavelength nm 1600~1620 CWDM available
Optical Output Power mW 1~3 2mW(3dBm) typical
*RF Input Level dBmV 20~40 Typical
dBuV 80~100
Flatness dBm ±0.75  
Input Return Loss dB ≥16  
Optical Output Return Loss dB >45  
*Optical Laser turn ON Level dBmV 15 Customer’s request available
dBuV 75
*Optical Laser turn OFF Level dBmV -4 Customer’s request available
dBuV 56
Laser Rise Time ms ≤1.3  
Laser Fall Time ms ≤1.6   


Parameter Unit Value Condition
Voltage V/DC 12 100~230V power supply adapter
Power Consumption W < 5.5 W Included power supply adapter
Operation Temperature -20~55 Humidity 5~95%, non condensing
Optical Connector / SC/APC Customer’s request available
RF Connector / F  
Dimensions mm 172*103*41  
Weight Kg 0.4  

Our RFoG  mini node delivers the same services as an DOCSIS network, with the added benefit of improved noise performance and increased usable RF spectrum in both the downstream and return-path directions.