How to clean optical connector of PL2000H edfa optical amplifier


ALWAYS MAKE SURE that all power is removed from PL2000H EDFA optical amplifier before optical connectors are connected

Use caution when handling fibers. Do not exceed the fiber manufacturer’s pulling tension or bend radius specifications when removing the fiber bulkhead connector plate.

Cleaning for PL2000H EDFA Optical Amplifier’sFiber Patch Cord Connectors

  • Remove the fiber connector dust cap and wipe the fiber connector tip with high-quality fiber cleaner or a dry lint-free cloth. Check if there are scratches or debris on connector surface on PL2000H EDFA optical amplifier by using a fiber scope.
  • If no scratches or debris are found that means the connector is now clean and ready for connection.
  • If debris or scratches are found then repeat the fiber patch cord connector cleaning.

Cleaning for PL2000H EDFA Optical Amplifier’s Fiber Optic Adapter

  • Compressed air may be used to clean fiber optic adapter. Use compressed air with at least the following specifications:
  • Non-residue, inert gas for precision dust removal
  • Ultra-filtered to < 0.2 microns
  • Recommended for optical systems
  • Using compressed air as listed above, remove the adapter dust cover and hold the can of compressed air about 6 inches from the connector. After spraying a few short bursts into the adapter the connector is clean and ready for connection.
  • If compressed air is not available, the fiber adapter connector can be cleaned by 2.5 mm cotton swap or connector plate may be removed to clean the internal fiber patch cords.

After EDFA connector cleaning, we can start EDFA connection setting up.

  1. Clean all fiber patch cords before connecting.
  2. Make sure the laser key switch on the front panel of the transmitter is in the OFF position.
  3. Connect a fiber patch cord from the output of the transmitter to the optical power meter, turn key ON position of transmitter laser. Be sure the optical output is in the -10~+10dBm range (0dBm is recommended).
  4. Turn switch key of transmitter to the OFF position and power OFF.
  5. Connect the fiber patch cord to the amplifier input. Power up that transmitter once the fiber connections to the amplifier input are secure.
  6. Turn the transmitter laser key switch to the ON position.

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