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How to Change IP Address of EDFA?

EDFA Factory

Power on Premlink PON EDFA, Tap the “Network”, and then Tap “IP Address” to enter into PIN interface. The IP address appears at the top of the menu as shows its current value (e.g,, and set the desired value (e.g using the touch keyboard to input value.Premlink EDFA shows “Enter PIN” interface in […]

How to clean optical connector of PL2000H edfa optical amplifier

edfa optical amplifier

CAUTION: ALWAYS MAKE SURE that all power is removed from PL2000H EDFA optical amplifier before optical connectors are connected Use caution when handling fibers. Do not exceed the fiber manufacturer’s pulling tension or bend radius specifications when removing the fiber bulkhead connector plate. Cleaning for PL2000H EDFA Optical Amplifier’sFiber Patch Cord Connectors Cleaning for PL2000H EDFA Optical […]

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