Premlink plays a role as base factory and subcontractor, providing all kinds of standard equipment to customers, works closely with customers, large and small, getting precious feedback from the customer’s perspective, sensitive to drive our product line-up.Premlink OEM and ODM are warmly welcomed.

Main ODM products are basic on 1310nm 1550nm optical transmitter, FTTB / FTTH optical receiver, PON Pass optical receiver, outdoor / indoor optical receiver, Bi-directional optical node, RFoG ONU / SDU / MDU, RFoG return path receiver, High Power EDFA, EYDFA, WDM PON EYDFA, optical switch, CATV RF amplifier, RJ45 module with SNMP remote monitoring, and so on.

Our ODM method as below:
1. Customer Requirement Input: customer generates an idea, think or mind from its operation experience.
2. Customer Sent RFQ to Premlink: customer puts those ideas or minds into documents step by step.
3. Customer Requirement Analyze: premlink verify and make the feasibility report to customer,and more details is needed.
4. Technology Confirmation and Business Negotiation: For one hand,Premlink confirmation technology issues and provides general process table and schedule.For another hand,Premlink negotiate with customer how to operate business on the RFQ. Such as rights and obligations, ODM cost sharing, terms of payment, product design period, afet-serive and so on.
5. Sign Product Design Agreement:It includes all technical documents,business cooperation methods
6. Product Development and Approval: it starts product design and develop,and then premlink make sample submission,customer evaluation until sample is approved.
7. Production: In the first,premlink make low-rate inital production and then for mass production